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2015 Iron Butt Rally – Part 2.4: Sigh… Yokels…

The snake river was a picturesque ribbon flowing by on my left as I departed Haggerman fossil beds. Someday I’ll spend time exploring it’s meandering path through Idaho, but not today. It’s horse country and I passed a truck and horse trailer, it’s equine occupants giving me a wary eye as I motored past. I also avoided the closed bridge my Garmin requested I take.

I quickly navigated around the outskirts of Haggerman proper and onto I-84. While I didn’t need gas immediately, looking down my route I realized it would be a good idea. I also needed to make the call-in bonus. I was only on the freeway for a brief moment before diverting towards Jerome, Idaho. Passing through on ID25 I came across a gas station to fill up.

The kwik stop was larger than most rural stations, and busy too. After fueling I headed inside to use the facilities and scope out the ice cream cooler. I had felt that the prospect of ordering a McFreeze with my McMuffin seemed just a little over the top.

Entering after me was a man about my same age. As I was looking for the bathroom he said, “aren’t you hot in that thing?” Now those of us in the LD community that wear one piece suits are used to the random comments about our suits. My stock answer is: only when I’m standing still. Others say something on the order of “yes I’ve always thought I’m hot, thanks for noticing.”

Sadly some of these conversations go downhill from there.  I’m not a nostalgic man. I’m the last person to long for the good old days. The future is exciting, why wish for the past? But I’m not sure when insulting strangers became acceptable, but I do wish we’d return to a time of good manners.

This yokel went down the path of my lack of macho for needing to wear such a suit in the first place. Ignoring him I spied the bathroom and luckily he didn’t follow me in. Sadly he lay in waiting upon my return. Keeping up his taunting I searched in desperation for the ice cream cooler. I think my ignoring him ticked him off more and he became louder. I finally found the cooler only to discover to my horror that it was out of order.

Pissed off I finally asked the moron what kind of bike he was riding. He said he was in a truck. I exclaimed that if I was weak like him maybe I too would have to ride around in air conditioning, and it’s too bad he couldn’t enjoy a warm day on the back of a motorcycle. His jaw dropped as I turned and left the store.

Back at my bike I made the required phone call. Twice. Repeating my information in each call. Yes some poor IBA staffer would have to listen to me 4 times, but hey I’d score my points!

CALL1 – Call in bonus Leg 1
27.3 Miles Since Haggerman Fossil Beds Arrived 14:34 Departed 14:53

Leaving the Kwik stop and its malfunctioning ice cream cooler and low functioning customers behind, I headed to the Minidoka Historical Site. This was the site of a Japanese internment camp during World War II. I’m proud to be an American, but this is a sad chapter in our history. I’m a firm believer that we teach our disgraces, lest they happen again.

It was a quick jaunt to Minidoka. As I was approaching I got a call on my cellphone from my good buddy Gregg Lennentine. Sadly my signal died almost immediately. I did a quick stop at Minidoka and called him back as soon as I had a chance.

MINI – Minidoka Historical Site
16.6 Miles Since Fuel and Call in at Jerome Arrived 15:10 Departed 15:13


Gregg was less that a 100 miles away in the Idaho falls area. He was planning to go to Yellowstone for the Old Faithful bonus. I asked him if he had a schedule for when it was due to erupt. He didn’t. I expressed that I thought it was a sucker bonus. He said it would be fine, he was ahead of schedule and could afford the time. We chatted for a few minutes. During that time it dawned on me that not only was I many hours ahead of schedule I had time to not only make Yellowstone but also I could take a second 8-hour rest bonus! Telling Gregg that I might see him there depending on the schedule I moved north in search of the moon.

5 thoughts on “2015 Iron Butt Rally – Part 2.4: Sigh… Yokels…

  1. Don Cizik

    I find myself checking this site over and over waiting for the next update! Awesome writing style, feels like we are all along with you!

  2. Warren A Meinzer

    I must agree with both Steve and Tony, great write up. I also have been enjoying your blog and keep looking for the next post. Thanks much for the ride along.

    1. Steven M Post author

      Thanks for the kind words folks. I am aiming for 3-4 posts a week. I tried to do one a day, but just takes a lot of time!

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